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No goal without ambition. Without compass, no direction. Without action, no achievement.
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Understanding the entire buyer journey and excelling at exactly the right moment - this is how we take you to the commercial top.

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Kenneth Smit trains and coaches your organisation precisely where profit can be made. The result: better sales and more profit.

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Hylke ter Beest
Hylke ter Beest

"8 strategies to grow personally every day".

When it comes to success, it is easy to think that people who are blessed with a good brain will outlive most of us.

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Sales pain: how do you deal with rejection?

Sales pain: how do you deal with rejection?

Rejection hurts. Sometimes a little and for a moment. Sometimes heartbreaking and for a lifetime. What does this have to do with sales? Everything. Sales is about yes and no, about winning and losing, about acceptance and rejection. Fear of rejection...

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Verleg grenzen: de toekomst van sales

Verleg grenzen: de toekomst van sales

Sales is van oudsher het vakgebied van de BV Nederland. Nederlanders zijn handelsvolk en staan bekend om hun goede handelsgeest. Toch is het vakgebied aan het veranderen. De traditionele verkoopmethoden werken niet meer zoals ze vroeger ded...

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"Kenneth Smit's trainer takes our people out of their comfort zone. This has enabled them to develop further in sales, management and communication."

Adwin ploeger, managing director ploeger logistics

"The sales training courses have increased the quality of our customer meetings. This has definitely contributed to achieving our growth ambition."

Ernst de Vink, Manager Sales & Marketing at Spring Professional

"As a result of the training programme, almost every team member met or exceeded their sales targets and now works with greatly increased self-confidence."

Wil van Hamersveld, Vice President Sales Capgemini

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