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Koninklijke Woudenberg B.V.

I am Louis Camps General Manager at Koninklijke Woudenberg B.V.

Trainer Jack Jobing of Kenneth Smit has provided the necessary training for our management and the entire MT. The reason for this is that the core values of the Koninklijke Woudenberg are (even) more supported and lived through, so that everyone leads these core values within their own responsibility. The training courses given by Jack Jobing are therefore fully geared to the core values.

The aim of our core values is to achieve the desired quality in the execution of our projects.
The difference between the current and the desired working method requires quite a bit from our employees.
Just saying to employees "these are our core values" will not be enough to make a difference in the future.

Based on our responsibility as management and MT, we believe that we should be at the forefront of that process in order to experience for ourselves what the steps to be taken should be. It has to be said that we do not only want to talk about this (which is important to do), but above all we want to set an example by actually shaping the chosen core values. As managers, we must therefore become even more aware of the motives and motives of our employees.

Our change process is still in full swing and will soon be further expanded to include training for our work planners and contractors.

So far we can only say that we are very satisfied with the working method and interview techniques and approach of trainer Jack Jobing of Kenneth Smit.

Louis Camps
General Manager Koninklijke Woudenberg B.V.

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