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The most beautiful compliments that are made about the effectiveness of our services can be found in the experiences that our clients have built up. All these positive experiences have contributed to the certifications we are rightly proud of.


The CEDEO approach

Thorough customer satisfaction survey: the basis of every Cedeo recognition
Training providers and other HR services take the initiative for a Cedeo recognition procedure themselves. Central to this is an extensive customer satisfaction survey. Cedeo conducts this - with the consent of these providers - among existing clients and clients of those providers, in the form of an extensive survey. The results are presented in a report, in which any points for improvement are also indicated.

Strict assessment criteria

In order to qualify for Cedeo recognition, strictly defined quantitative and qualitative criteria must be met. In any case, at least 80% of the clients and clients must indicate that they are 'satisfied to very satisfied' with the service, the cooperation and the results achieved. The score is scrupulously determined on the basis of the Cedeo customer satisfaction survey.

The Cedeo recognition keeps its value

If an organization meets all the requirements, they receive the Cedeo recognition. This is valid for a period of two years. Continuation of the recognition requires a new customer satisfaction survey with positive results. If the organisation no longer meets the requirements during such a repeat screening, the Cedeo recognition will only be extended once all the identified points for improvement have actually been adjusted.

New recognitions in the media every quarter

Every three months, Cedeo publishes an overview of all providers of training and other HR services that have acquired or renewed Cedeo accreditation in the previous quarter, via advertisements in the trade press, among other things.

Kenneth Smit can therefore proudly say that it has been certified by CEDEO for years.

For more information and the most recent customer satisfaction survey click on CEDEO

More information

NRTO - Dutch Council for Training and Education

We are a member of the Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO). As a member of the NRTO, we commit ourselves to the NRTO code of conduct. For more information, visit www.nrto.nl or download the Code of Professional and Business Conduct at https://www.nrto.nl/kwaliteit/gedragscode/.


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