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As a Kenneth Smit franchisee you can start or further develop as a trainer and coach for organizations with a commercial and/or management challenge. Like more than 60 other Kenneth Smit entrepreneurs, benefit from our years of knowledge, expertise and smart tools. Watch the videos in which our franchisees talk about their experiences.

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Starter or expert? Success guaranteed as a franchisee

Whether you are at the start of your career or are an expert does not matter to us. Are you driven? A real entrepreneur? Do you have an affinity with commercial issues? And do you want to get the best out of people? Then becoming an entrepreneur at Kenneth Smit is tailor-made for you.

Would you also like to become a Kenneth Smit franchisee? Read everything you want to know!

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What can you expect from us?

Kenneth Smit offers franchisees optimal support in building a successful business. In addition to the many benefits of becoming a franchisee, you have access to our smart and practical tools. We are happy to tell you all about it in these short videos.

All benefits Tools for you as an entrepreneur

The main benefits

  • A kickstart for your business
  • The name recognition of a strong brand
  • Access to our knowledge, expertise and training formats
  • A valuable network and collaboration with fellow partners
  • Continuous personal and professional development
  • Access to highly rated training courses
  • Trainings for good rates
  • The positioning as an expert
  • Supporting a data-driven lead machine
  • Your own Kenneth Smit direct white label
  • Access to practical tools

What do we expect from you?

Kenneth Smit franchisees make a commitment as full-time entrepreneurs. They make a financial investment in the form of a starting fee, a fair percentage of turnover and an annual contribution to marketing and advertising to continue developing both their personal development and our success formula. In this way we build a sustainable, professional future together.

Who are we looking for and what does it cost? Interview Management Kenneth Smit

Your profile

You are a real entrepreneur (starter or expert) with commercial and management experience and an affinity with personal and organizational development.

Your passion

You are driven to increase the commercial success of organizations and to train and coach people to achieve this.

Your effort

You get the best out of your customers and yourself. That is why you think in terms of opportunities, you continue to develop and you are full of perseverance.


Find out if becoming a franchisee is right for you

Kenneth Smit regularly organizes workshops for potential franchisees. During these informal meetings we will tell you everything about the profession of the more than 60 Kenneth Smit entrepreneurs, the ins & outs of franchising, our concept and the benefits of entrepreneurship for you. You will also receive a preview of one of our training courses and every opportunity to get acquainted without obligation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Kenneth Smit and becoming a franchisee? Please check the frequently asked questions. There is a good chance that the answer to your question is among them.

Is an investment required to become an entrepreneur at Kenneth Smit?

We require an investment in time and money. Building your own business takes time, entrepreneurship and perseverance. We know better than anyone how we can help you with this, but ultimately you have to do it yourself! We also ask for an investment in money, a starting fee, a percentage of your turnover and a contribution for advertising and marketing. In exchange for this investment, you can use our brand, networks, years of experience, training programs, tools and education and coaching for your own personal development.

What is the duration of entrepreneurship at Kenneth Smit?

We are of course aiming for a long-term collaboration. Initially you make a 5-year commitment. Stopping in the meantime is possible, but is not without obligation. It takes time to work on your own business and development as an entrepreneur. If you are successful as an entrepreneur and you still enjoy entrepreneurship after 5 years, you can extend this. 95% of our entrepreneurs stay after 5 years. On average, entrepreneurs have been affiliated with our organization for 16 years.

Will Kenneth Smit help me with leads?

Kenneth Smit supports entrepreneurs with generating leads and positioning you as an entrepreneur. We are strongly committed to online marketing of our brand and generating leads for our Franchisees. You will also receive your own Kenneth Smit Direct white label, with which you can, in addition to in-company training, also fulfill the training wishes of individual employees. We do it together, so as an entrepreneur you can contribute ideas and help to further develop our brand.

What are the requirements for the profile of an entrepreneur at Kenneth Smit?

A strong drive and entrepreneurship is the most important characteristic of an entrepreneur. You have also gained work experience in a commercial field or in a management role. Naturally you have a strong affinity with developing and improving commercial organizations and the people who work there. You are also able to reflect on your own actions.




You orient yourself on our formula and whether our formula and entrepreneurship suit you.

In this phase:

  • › For example, view the website, the videos and/or download the brochure
  • › Come and get acquainted during a workshop

Get to know each other

You will meet Kenneth Smit and we will meet you.

In this phase:

  • › You start with your business plan and budget
  • › You make a development assessment

Draft agreement

You get 4 weeks to think about it (legal)


Start collaboration

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Are you interested in becoming a Kenneth Smit franchisee? Read the most important information in our brochure!

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