I wish you a Happy New Year!


Lovely, that annual custom, so familiar, so much warmth. I read it again and wondered: what do we actually mean by 'Happy New Year'?

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At the turn of the year we wish each other all the best. These wishes you give to your family, friends, colleagues and, of course, your business contacts. Happiness, according to the dictionary, means: prosperity, well-being, a favorable course of your circumstances.

Well said, but why are we wishing each other luck right now?

When you give the best wishes to someone, you hope for them that they will have a beautiful, healthy, successful and most of all happy new year. You wish someone all the best for the coming year.

Okay, we'll follow it. What's the reason we do this every year?

A new year means that another, older year has preceded it. A change, a (year-) change gives us the physical, emotional and mental possibility to get rid of old sores, old patterns and to give ourselves and others new chances, with new luck. It gives space for new energy, new challenges and that promotes our vitality!

So what does this mean for us? That good fortune will come our way or that we will succeed in achieving our goals? Or is it that we don't have to choose between the two, but that we can enjoy and be content with how things come our way?

That someone else wishes it for us is nice and feels good. Wishing it on ourselves turns out to be a completely different trajectory. Do you recognize that? That you can wish it much easier for others than for yourself? Know that when we ourselves are happy we can have much more of others, we are more tolerant, laugh more, have more energy, we succeed more, in short: we experience more prosperity when we allow ourselves to be happy.

If I understand correctly then I wish you a Happy New Year that you may fare well, that you will succeed in achieving your goals in good health with new energy and fun (lots of laughter!!)! And that we will grow together and enjoy the new successes! Wow!

Happy New Year!

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